Monday, April 27, 2015

Pinkicon Circle Lenses Review (

Hello!Today I will be reviewing lenses that were sponsored by Pinkicon!They offer a large variety of products, and I bought one of my favorite wigs from their shop a few years back. They have moderate prices and great customer service, so please check them out!
 - Pinkicon has over 500 circle lenses & numbers of most popular cosmetic in stock. 
- 100% Authentic Guaranteed and Free Shipping Worldwide!

I received two products, all safely packaged.They also included a cute guide for first-time wearers!

The first set of Lenses are Dali Extra Gray

    - Duration:Yearly
    - Package:2 bottles
     - Price:USD$25.07 
     - B.C.:8.60mm 
    - Water Content:45.00%


Here are some variation of the lenses in different lighting.

 (with flash)

My overall review:
Comfort- 10/10; These lenses can be worn for a few hours without any discomfort. I had no problems with them.

Enlargement: 8/10; these lenses are large, but not extremely drastic. They are good for everyday wear.

Color: 10/10; These lenses have a very uniqu color. It blends well with my eyecolor.

Design: 10/10; once again, the blending is amazing. they look very natural, but still have a slight dolly effect.

Overall: 9/10

Here are some pictures taken wearing them!

The second lenses I recieved are Fairy con Princess Brown! These are daily lenses so they're super convientent. 

- Duration:Daily 
- Package:A box of 10
 - Price:USD$18.67 
 - B.C.:8.70mm 
- Water Content:38.00%

Here is the packaging.


Here are some close ups of the lenses.

(with flash)
My overall review:
Comfort- 10/10; These lenses nearly feel like my perscribed lenses form my eye doctor. They don't dry out quickly and can be worn for a few hours.

Enlargement: 4/10; these lenses are not the best for enlargement, but look very natural.

Color: 5/10; I'm personally not a fan of the color because they are not super vibrant, but great for a natural look.

Design: 8/10; These lenses blend nicely, and have a very pretty design.

Overall: 7/10

Here are the lenses being worn. 

Overall, this company is great and I highly recommend them!!

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