Friday, May 8, 2015

Klenspop Review

Hello! Today I will be writing my review for a shop called Klenspop! They have a wide variety of lenses, cosmetics, and accessories for a reasonable price. I was sponsored two pairs of lenses and I am pleased with both.

The first pair is Bunny color brown

I am very pleased with these lenses. Here is my review:

Comfort: 10/10; these lenses are very comfortable, much like my every day wear lenses.

Enlargement: 6/10; these lenses look natural. They enlarge slightly, but not a whole lot, so they're great for masculine characters.

Color: 10/10; I love the color of these lense because they are very warm. It's almost orange.

Design: 9/10; these lenses blend so well with my eyes. I love the simple design.

Overall: 7/10; these lenses are great and look good for casual wear.

The second set of lenses are Flower Choco

These lenses are very simplistic and a new concept for me. Here is my review:

Comfort: 10/10; I can wear these for hours and I hardly notice them in my eyes. They are certainly great for casual wear as opposed to cosplay.

Enlargement: 3/10; I don't think these lenses really enlarge rather than add a bit of sparkle. They emphasize your eyes a bit, especially considering I have light eyes.

Color: 7/10; there isn't much color to the lenses. They just create a border around your iris which is quite pretty. It is a very appealing chocolate brown.

Design: 9/10; these lenses look like little flowers and I think they are super duper cute.

Overall: 8/10; I love these lenses and love to use them for casual wear. My main focus is cosplay though, so they aren't necessarily tailored for that.

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