Friday, May 8, 2015

LensVillage Review- Dahomy-Pearl Prime Violet Lens

Lots of reviews are being edited today woo!! Here is another review for one of my favorite companies, Lensvillage.  I was sponsored Dahomy-Pearl Prime Violet Lens by DollyEye brand. I wanted to try these simply because they looked sOOO cool oh my gosh!! They just look so interesting.

Here is my review: 

My Overall Review:
Comfort- 10/10; As with all of my lenses from LV, these are very comfortable. I am always concerned about comfort with new lenses, but there is no concern here. You can wear them for a few hours without discomfort.

Enlargement: 8/10; These lenses make your eyes look like dark voids its great. They do have a good enlargement factor, but not as good as some of my other 16mm lenses.

Color: 5/10; These lenses are beautiful in the case, but on my eyes, the color looks more black than anything.

Design: 9/10; These lenses remind me of aliens because they have kind of a spotted twirl pattern. It is very cool and I have never seen lenses like it. They are very sci-fi in my opinion.

Overall: 9/10; I like these lenses a lot. I wish they were more vibrant, but my eyes are a difficult color to work with. They are very cute with cosplay. They are kind of shocking for every day where but eh, what's wrong with that.

Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to head over to LensVillage for hundreds of awesome lenses.

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