Friday, May 15, 2015

Uniqso Wig Review

Hello! Here is half of my Uniqso review. I was sponsored a wig from their store and I'm very excited to review it. Soooo let's start. The wig can be found here fo $24.90.

The wig arrived like so!

The bangs were very long when I first received it. It was almost the same length all the way around. This wig is VERY thick and absolutely great for numerous cosplays. This wig has great construction and color. It's decent quality for its price. The wig isn't super shiny, but it doesn't look completely natural. I would recommend it for several different characters. It is very soft and doesn't tangle easily. Yet another great product from Uniqso.


Overall rating: 8/10; This wig is great for cosplay, but isn't super natural. I highly advise checking out their store.

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