Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hello! Today I have a (kinda late) Review for Uniqso! The lenses I was sponsored are GEO XCK105 ! I wanted to try a dark pair of lenses for an extreme dolly effect, and these did exactly that. 

As usual, the lenses came in an absolutely adorable box! Uniqso also includes a lens case. The one they gave me leaked a bit though so I used one of my older cases to be safe. I have had friends complain about their cases leaking and the lenses drying out, which isn't a problem with the usual animal cases.

I was a little concerned with these lenses because I've had bad experiences with GEO lenses, but these weren't too bad.

Heres my review:
Color: 10/10 These lenses really stand out. it's such a deep black, I honestly have no complaints there. The color is very solid, even on my blue eyes.

Design: 10/10 These lenses are really great design-wise. They just melt with your natural eye color. I wasn't sure how it would look on my eyes, but it blends really well.

Enlargement: 10/10 These lenses have a diameter of 14.8 mm but they're still huge honestly. They really give a dolly effect and make your eyes huge.

Comfort: 5/10 I actually had a major problem with these lenses because unlike my other lenses, one would no slide into place. It would just stick to my eye. It was honestly really weird and I' not sure if maybe they are defective or something. I fixed it with some eye drops though.

Overall: These lenses have a great appearance, but they were a bit weird in the comfort category. I will still wear them though because they are absolutely stunning.

Uniqso is one of my favorite companies. I've never had a problem with them, and they are always very kind and considerate. They are quick to reply and help. I will continue to shop with this company, and I highly recommend supporting them!! Thank you!

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