Friday, June 12, 2015

🌟Oh My Lens Review🌟

Hello! I genuinely hope you are all doing well! I have been very busy traveling and my computer crashed so my reviews are very late! my dad is working on getting me a new laptop so it will be easier for me to stay caught up with reviews, cosplay, and school work.

Today I will be reviewing lense sponsored to me by Oh My Lens! This is a very kind company and i am thankful to work with them. Their lenses are different from other stores and are very unique. I had a lot of fun choosing lenses.

First i will show some photos of the products!

I was really excited when I opened the parcel because they sent a whole lot of wonderful things! They sent a care guide as long as some bonus nail stickers!! 

These purple lenses are Darling Violet!


Cute huh!! These lenses are very cool, so here is my short review:

Color: 10/10 ; These lenses pack in a lot of color, its almost unreal. They are very vibrant, and great for characters with really violet eyes.

Enlargement: 7/10; These lenses do make your eyes pop, but don't really have the effect of 16mm lenses. I prefer huge dolly lenses for cosplay, but these are great for wearing everyday.

Comfort: 10/10; I experienced no problems with these lenses after letting them soak for the proper amount of time. They do not feel dry or irritated.

Design: 10/10; These lenses have a great design. It covers my natural blue-green color well.

Overall: 9/10; These lenses offer a lot for what they are. I really enjoy them.

This next set of photos is for Ahene 3 color green !!

Color: 10/10 ; These lenses have such a light color. My eyes are naturally blue, but these lenses make them look so light and naturally green. It shocked me at first.

Enlargement: 5/10; These lenses are not necessarily enlarging, but do cover my natural eye color.

Comfort: 10/10; These contacts are very comfy. I can wear them for multiple hours with no problems.

Design: 10/10; These lenses look so natural it's unreal. You can hardly tell I am wearing contacts, people just think my eyes are naturally that vibrant ;)

Overall: 9/10; I really enjoy these lenses. they are very simple and great for casual wear.

Thank you for reading! Please take a look at their shop as they offer many amazing products.

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  1. Thank you for such a sweet review! * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡
    They look very cute on your eyes.