Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Klenspop review !

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing lenses sponsored by Klenspop. This is my second package from this company, and I am pleased as usual. They were kind and quick to respond. Without further rambling, let's get to this review!

The first set of lenses sponsored are T-20 CHOCO !

Here is some of the packaging

Here are the lenses after I removed them from the bottle. Cute, huh? They look like little flowers.

Here is a picture of myself wearing the lenses!


Color: 7/10; These lenses aren't necessarily meant to have a lot of color, but mostly add a decorative trim to your natural color. The small portion that is colored is a beautiful brown color. My eyes are naturally blue, so they so show somewhat well.

Design: 10/10; Beautiful design. They look like flowers and blend very naturally with my eyes.

Comfort: 10/10; These are very comfortable. I can hardly feel them.

Enlargement: 8/10; These lenses do slightly enlarge. They aren't as intense as some other lenses, but they are not frightening like some. These are great for casual wear.

Overall: 9/10 ! These lenses are very creative and I love the design.

The Next set of lenses are Ice Flower Blue.

Here is the packaging.

These are the lenses in their case!

Next, here they are on me.


Color: 8/10; I'm going to be honest here. Blue lenses are a struggle. These lenses have a beautiful pigment, but do show up rather dark, despite having blue eyes.

Design: 10/10; These lenses are really neat. They look a lot like ice, hence the name. They blend with my eyes really well.

Comfort: 7/10; These lenses have a bit of discomfort when you first out them in. I noticed they are very dry and don't agree much with my eyes. I can't wear them for more than a few hours.

Enlargement: 10/10; These lenses have a thick black ring, and really give a great effect fr dolly-eyes. They make your eyes pop!

Overall: 8/10 ! These lenses are great and give a really attractive effect. There is slight discomfort, but other than that, they are great.

To wrap up my review, I'd just like to suggest checking out this company. They ave great customer service and a huge selection of products. Thank you!

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