Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Role Cosplay Review

Hello everyone!! Today I'm writing up a review for the website . I was sponsored the costume in this review, which is here!! I was very excited about this cosplay as Yohane is such an important character to me. I'm just going to jump right into the review!

I was sponsored this cosplay! It included everything besides the wig and shoes.

Here is the package as I received it. Shipping took about two weeks!

Upon taking the costume out of the box I noticed that a couple things were off. The two bows were really crooked and had an unfinished edge. The hat also did not have any alligator clips and was missing the feather :( These were bot easy fixes though! I ironed everything out on a low setting and then tried it all on.

Here is my overall review of everything!

Construction: 7/10; The zipper on the dress tends to get stuck, but this is a common issue with a lot of cosplays. Some of the vinyl appliques were peeling off as well, but I did fix them with some glue. This costume was very comfortable to wear and is constructed well aside from those two issues! The costume was very true to the sizing listed as well.

Accuracy: 9/10! This cosplay is very accurate to the design. Everything is the right color. The only setback for me was the missing feather, but that was an easy fix!

Customer service: 10/10! Role Cosplay was very kind and responded very quickly. I'm very happy to work with them.

Here are some pictures of the whole costume!

Overall, I loved working with this company and look forward to future opportunities. The costume I received was the same as the stock photo. They have such a broad selection and can meet many of your cosplay needs!

Cosplay Store

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