Saturday, October 8, 2016

Super Crystal Grey Circle Lens Review

Hey guys! Today I'll be doing a review on on lenses from Pinky Paradise. The lenses I was sent are Ifairy Super Crystal Grey. The shipping on these lenses was super fast and they got to my house in about 3 days via DHL. Pinky Paradise had excellent customer service as always.

Here are the lenses as I received them!:


They even included a free gift as usual! Here's the lenses after I let them soak for 8 hours!

Water Content: 38%
  Base Curve: 8.6mm
        Life Span:1 year disposal

This is my rating on the lenses:

Comfort: 10/10, I've personally always loved the crystal series and they're super comfortable. I can wear them for hours with no issues.

Color: 10/10, These lenses are a really soft grey. It blends really well with my eyes.

Design: 10/10, I love the design of this series so much. It literally makes your eyes look like diamonds!!

Enlargement: 9/10, These lenses really do give that anime/dolly look. I feel like they would enlarge more if they had a darker limbal ring.

Overall: 10/10, these lenses are just fantastic and I have no complaints!!

Here are pictures of me wearing the lenses!!

You can use my code "quackiess50" for 50% off your order until the 31st of October!

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