Monday, December 19, 2016

Five Wits Wigs Review!

Hello! Today I am writing  review on a sponsored product from the lovely shop, The Five Wits. They are a wig shop based in Oklahoma (As am I :D) and they're just all around amazing. They carry many character specific wigs. I have ordered from them in the past as well as purchased from them at conventions. This company is so keen on their customer support and I received this wig the very next day after I placed the order. (To sum up how awesome this company is, i asked them to draw Madoka on my package once and the actually did it) Enough rambling, let's review!

The Five Wits

Website Description:

"This fluffy, layered, long blonde cosplay wig is perfect for Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.  It’s 29″ (75 cm) long and very thick, so it’s super easy to style. It also works for Applejack from My Little Pony, Eva from Metal Gear, and Chariot from Black Rock Shooter.
You can also order a 32″ (81 cm) long ponytail clip-on  to use as either a ponytail for your head or a pony tail by clipping it on your belt."

 The wig I was sponsored was "What The- Holy Underpants!" This wig is very suitable for Panty or Apple Jack! You can also buy an additional ponytail clip-on! I personally wanted this wig for Shinobu Oshino because finding a wig for my dream girl is just an adventure.

I took the wig out an this is how it looked. The spikes are achieved by just fluffing through with my fingers. You don't need hairspray to do this. I repeat. You DON'T NEED HAIRSPRAY. This is something amazing that happens with almost all of their wigs. They are absolutely fantastic for people who are just learning how to style or for those looking for some fun. They also have a tag on the wig with care instructions!

The construction of the wig is basically flawless. It is adjustable and can fit small to large heads.

I trimmed the bangs a bit and put some wig-safe gel in it to keep the shape. This wig has yet to tangle and brushes very easily. Here are some pictures of me wearing it!

Overall I have zero complaints on  the wig. If I was to rate it, 11/10. This is one of my favorite companies and I am very happy that I got the opportunity to work with them! Please check out the store and happy shopping! 

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