Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Uniqso Review~ Angel Sanctuary Wig/ Sweety Poppy Red

Hello! Today I am writing a Uniqso review on The Angel Sanctuary Wig AND the Sweety Poppy Red lenses. Here are the stock photos and information on both!

Cosplay Wig - Angel Sanctuary - Rosiel-UNIQSO

Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Silver Gray
Wig Length: 90cm
$32.90 USD

Sweety Poppy Red-UNIQSO

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: Within 12 months
$17.90 USD

I received both of my packages safely with prompt shipping. Here are the products as they were received.

I will talk about the wig first! Here is it un-styled and right out of the package.

The wig can tangle quite easily, and is not as nice as some of the fashion lolita wigs I own from Uniqso. This wig is more for cosplay. It is thick and the curls are very pretty. Here is my review:

Construction:  ★★★
This wig is sewn together well, but I think the front of the wig could be better. it is slightly thin around the bangs. This was only an issue during styling. Overall, The construction works fine.

Accuracy:  ★★★★★
 I received the wig in the picture.

Color:  ★★★★★
This wig is a very nice color. I often do not want white wigs because they are hard to wear. This wig is slightly grey and gives the illusion for white hair without washing out your color.

Comfort:  ★★★★★
I had no issues with this wig!

Quality:  ★★★★
This wig is good quality for cosplay. it does tangle some, but I fixed this with detangler spray. The fibers feel nice and soft. It is easy to brush.

Overall:  ★★★★
This wig is very nice and perfect for cosplays. I would give it an 4/5!

Next is the lenses! I had been wanting some new red lenses for awhile, and these were perfect! I let them soak for 8 hours.

Comfort: ★★★★★
I cannot feel these lenses while wearing them. They settled with my eyes almost immediately with no problems!

Color:  ★★★★★
These lenses have a vibrant red look. They are perfect for cosplay because they are so noticeable.

Design: ★★★★★
 These lenses look natural despite the coloring. They have a subtle limbal ring and do not look fake.

Enlargement: ★★★★★
 These lenses are big! They are perfect for a dolly look or cosplay.

Overall: ★★★★★
These lenses are excellent for cosplay and makeup looks.

Here are some pictures from my Okami-Styled look of Ameterasu~

Uniqso was very kind and helpful with me. Please take a look around the store as it has thousands of great products!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rolecosplay Tsuyu Review

Hello! Rolecosplay kindly sent me a cosplay and I'll be reviewing it today! The costume I was sent is Tsuyu Asui from Boku no Hero Academia! You can buy it here. The wig is here!

Image result for tsuyu asui

The costume and wig took a little while to arrive, but it did all arrive safely so I didn't mind the wait. Here is everything as I received it!

Everything was in nice condition upon first inspection. Once I opened up the packaging, I found s lot of loose threads and most importantly, I discovered multiple stains on my cosplay. I'll include some images below. There were yellow stains along the button holes and a black stain on the sleeve. I may try and wash them out later!

 Here is the wig! It was in great condition. The clip did fall off of the ow during the shoot so that will need to be re-glued. The wig is soft and easy to brush. I ended up cutting it to a more accurate length for her. It was accurate to the stock photo aside from needing a lot of styling.

 Here's me wearing the cosplay! The sizing was very accurate and fit me perfectly.

I would give this cosplay a 7/10. Although it was a little bit dirty, it can be fixed. It fit well and the company was very helpful. The cosplay is also very accurate so I have no complaints there! Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures from my photoshoot! Please check out Rolecosplay for tons of current cosplays~

Gourmet Ramen Club Review

Hey guys! A company called Gourmet Ramen Club kindly sent me a box of ramen! They are a subscription service where you can choose either a four or eight pack for about $5-$10 plus shipping. The representatives of this company were very kind and responsive on their instagram and email. The parcel arrived quickly and timely from Oklahoma!

Here is my unboxing video!

I received a total of eight packs of ramen! The variety was huge!!

One specifically caught my eye though; The super spicy one. I ended up liking it a lot even though I was 90% certain I was going to die. I got my hydration though as I had to drink three bottles of water in the process!

Unfortunately, I tried the rest of the ramen over a span of time, but I don't have any negative thoughts on any of them so far! They're definitely filling and much better than the basic instant ramen. I had a ton of fun with this and I highly recommend trying it out if you're like me and have no idea what you like. The price is great as well!

Thank you so much Gourmet Ramen Club!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Uniqso Princess Mimi Apple Green Review

Hello! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses. These were sent to me by Uniqso! They arrived quickly and safely through DHL.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Replacement Period: Within 12 months

Here are the lenses as I received them!

 I let the lenses soak overnight before wearing them.


Comfort: ★★★★★

I cannot feel these lenses while wearing them. They do not slide at all.

Color:  ★★★★★

These lenses have a very green appearance! It's almost candy-like!!

Design: ★★★★★

 These lenses cover my natural blue almost completely. They are very natural and can easily be worn as daily lenses. These also look good for cosplay!

Enlargement: ★★★★★

 These lenses are big! They are perfect for a dolly look or cosplay.

Overall: ★★★★★

 These lenses are excellent for cosplay and enlarge very well! The green is very attractive and looks natural.

Visit Uniqso for a huge variety of products!! They carry wigs, lenses, cosplays, and more!!