Friday, January 13, 2017

I.Fairycon Moonlite Yellow Review

Hello! Today I am honored to write a review from one of my favorite companies/brands I.FairyCon! They have abroad selection of colors and designs. The lenses I was sponsored are I.Fairy Moonlite Yellow!! They arrived quickly and safely.

First, This is the absolutely adorable packaging!!

Here they are after I opened them

My review:

Color: 10/10; I always struggle to find good yellow lenses that aren't creepy. These are super vibrant and show up very well.

Design: 8/10; I personally love the design of these, but it does show a lot of your natural color. It blends towards the center of your eye for a more natural look, making the lenses less harsh.

Enlargement; 10/10; These lenses are HUGE! They are perfect for the dolly-eyed look. The black rim really makes them pop.

Comfort: 9/10; These are very comfortable! My only complaint is that they do slide a bit.

Overall: 9/10; These lenses are a great choice for cosplay or special effects makeup. I really enjoy wearing them and they really make your eyes pop.

I recommend checking out I.Fairycon! They are a very sweet company and I have always loved my products from them. They never disappoint!


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