Tuesday, February 7, 2017

⋆ Sweety Twinkle Eye Grey- Uniqso Review ⋆

Hello! Today I am bringing you a review of the lenses Sweety Twinkle Eye Grey form Uniqso! This is not my first time working with them, but as always, I am pleased with the product! These lenses arrived to me fairly quickly, and were packaged safely.

Here are the contents of the package:

They also included a travel case!! It was very sweet and I will be using it on my trip this weekend.

I let the lenses soak for 8 hours, as usual. I noticed this packaging was a little hard to open since I am used to the bottles, but I feel like this is much safer!

Here is my review of the lenses:

Comfort: 8/10; These lenses were very comfortable, but I found it difficult to put them in at first as they did not want to stay on my eye. I noticed a little bit of irritation throughout the day, but I fixed this with eyedrops.

Color: 10/10; I'm not totally sure about this since they are black, but its very opaque. The silver on the stars is also visibly sparkly, which I did not expect. You can really pick up the glints of shine when you move.

Design: 10/10; These lenses take the cake on the design portion. The stars are very noticeable and you can really see them. It makes your eyes look sparkly and, well, very anime. everything about these lenses stands out.

Enlargement: 10/10; These lenses really make your eyes look big. They are perfect for that dolly effect and the black really helps.

Overall: 9/10; I loved these lenses. They are very pretty and designed well. There was a minor discomfort, but aside from that, they really just stand out from anything else I have tried.

I highly recommend shopping at Uniqso! They are very helpful and have the largest variety of products I have yet to see on a lens site. 

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