Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I.Fairy Lucius Blue/EOS New Adult Violet

Hello! Today I'm writing up a quick review for Lensvillage, a circle lens shop with a huge variety. The lenses I'll be reviewing are I.Fairy Lucius Blue and EOS New Adult Violet! I will not be picturing packaging this time, but instead I have included my video review below!
I.Fairy Lucius Blue review: Color: 10/10; although there is only pigment on the outer edges, it really stands out. It's a deep ocean blue, but doesn't get washed out.
Design: 10/10; for me, these lenses are amazing. I have blue eyes so they just blend into my natural color seamlessly.
Enlargement: 10/10; these lenses really give you the dolly look since they have a sharp outer ring.
Comfort: 10/10; can't feel them!
Overall: 10/10; probably my favorite lenses for light eyes!

EOS New Adult Violet:
Color: 6/10; like most purple lenses, these can be hard to see from a few feet away. Up close it is noticeable, but still quite washed out.
Design: 8/10; these definitely have a natural design but still give you a dolly look! They cover my natural color.
Enlargement:9/10; I wish they were slightly bigger, but they are very nice for cosplay.
Comfort: 10/10; I can't feel them!
Overall: 7/10; these lenses are a little dull but still good for cosplays and makeup looks!

I highly recommend Lensvillage as they have a huge variety and free shipping! Thank you for reading!

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