Sunday, April 2, 2017

GEO Xtra WFLA35 Morning Glory Grey

Hello! Today I'm writing a review on lenses sent to me by Uniqso. the lenses are 
GEO Xtra WFLA35 Morning Glory Grey! The package arrived quickly and safely.
Here are the lenses as I received them! They also included a case and a very cute travel set. 

I allowed my lenses to soak overnight!

Here is my review of the lenses:

Comfort: 9/10; These lenses were very comfortable, but they did slide around a bit at first! I can wear them all day with no issues.

Color: 10/10; These lenses have a very subtle grey color. It's on the cool-toned side, but very opaque.

Design: 10/10; These lenses have a flower design on them! It blends perfectly with my naturally blue eyes. There's also a mix of colors in them so they look super natural.

Enlargement: 10/10; These lenses really make your eyes look big. They have a black limbal ring and it really brings attention to your eyes without looking crazy.

Overall: 9/10; I loved these lenses. They have such a subtle flower design and are great for characters with grey eyes. 

I highly recommend checking out Uniqso for affordable lenses and fantastic service. 


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