Sunday, April 2, 2017

Uniqso Ruby Kurosawa Wig

Hello everyone! My next review will be on my Ruby Kurosawa wig from Uniqso! It is heat resistant and 35 cm long! You can purchase it here for $26.90 USD.

                                 Image result for ruby kurosawa gif

Here is the wig as I received it! It is very cute and I could see it being worn with or without the clips.

My Review:

Accuracy to stock photo: 10/10; I received the wig in the photo.

Construction: 10/10; This wig is made very well. The stitching is precise and is not messy

Color: 10/10; This wig is the perfect color for Ruby! It's red but not too bright.

Quality: 10/10; This wig is well made and the fibers are very nice. It is easy to brush and style.

Comfort: 10/10; I had no problems while wearing this wig.

Overall; 10/10; This wig is beautiful and perfect for Ruby! They did an amazing job with this one.

Here are pictures of me wearing the wig! I styled it to my preferences.

I highly suggest you take a look at Uniqso. They have a huge variety of products including cosplays!

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