Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bhiner Cosplay Taobao Agent Review

Hello! I recently worked with Bhiner and they were kind enough to send me some wigs to review. I was sent a Star Guardian Jinx wig and a Maki Nishikino wig! The customer service was very fast and responsive. I can't list the exact links as I do not have them, but the agents can help you find just about any item on the cosplay spectrum. Lets begin!

bhiner cosplay the best online cosplay custome and wig

Image result for star guardian jinx

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The company sent me the wigs in a very timely manner. Sadly I lost the photos of the packaging when my device had to be factory reset. they sent me multiple wig caps! Here are the wigs after I had taken them out.

I styled them to my preferences after this!


Quality: 10/10; Both of these wigs were extremely well made and sewn. There were no quality issues and the fibers were very soft. The Jinx wig is well made and is very accurate in color.

Shipping: 10/10; This was all packaged very nicely and arrived safe. They sent it in a box, unlike most stores which just send an envelope.

Comfort: 10/10; Both wigs are very comfortable and easy to wear.

Service: 10/10; The customer service was amazing. They were very easy to talk to and gave me updates. They even send you pictures of the products when they receive them at the warehouse.

I had a lot of fun with these wigs! I am very excited to use them in my upcoming cosplays. Check out Bhiner if you're needing help getting those pesky taobao cosplays!

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