Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kanan Matsuura Uniqso Wig Review

Hi! This review will be over the Kanan Matsuura wig from LoveLive! Sunshine!! This wig was sent to me by Uniqso. The shipping was fast and it arrived packaged safely. The wig required very little styling and did not tangle!

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Processing Time: 3 - 4 working days
Material: 100% heat resistant fibre
Wig Color: Blue Mixed
Wig Length: 60cm

Here is the wig before styling as I received it.

Here is my review:

Accuracy to stock photo: 10/10; I received the wig in the photo.

Construction: 10/10; This wig is made very well. The stitching is precise and is not messy.

Color: 10/10; This wig is a very accurate mix of purple and blue. I love how well it all blends together.

Quality: 10/10; This wig is extremely well made and does not tangle. It was very soft and easy to style.

Comfort: 6/10; I had a few problems with this wig. The wig slides back a lot due to the weight on the back and I feel like it needs to be pinned around your head to make sure it stays on.

Overall; 8/10; This wig is beautiful and my only complaint is how much it slides back. It is very accurate to Kanan.

Here are pictures of me wearing the wig! I styled it to my preferences.

I can't wait to get my full cosplay! I'm so excited to use this wig. As always, Uniqso was an amazing company to work with.

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