Monday, June 12, 2017

Uniqso: Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Blue Review

Hello! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Blue lenses. These were sent to me by Uniqso! They arrived promptly through DHL.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 40%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: Within 12 months

Here are the lenses as I received them!

I let the lenses soak overnight before wearing them.

Here is my review:

Comfort: 10/10; I cannot feel these lenses while wearing them.

Color: 8/10; These lenses are very blue on my eyes, but my natural color is blue. I feel like they are very simple yet vibrant, but not very bright.

Design: 10/10; These lenses blend perfectly with my eyes and look extremely natural.

Enlargement: 7/10; These lenses are more natural than enlarging.

Overall: 10/10; These lenses are excellent for everyday wear and very casual.

As always, please check out Uniqso! They are a great company and are always super helpful.

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