Thursday, August 24, 2017

Uniqso Lolita Wig 287 G

Hey guys! today I'm writing up a review on a wig sent to me by Uniqso. The wig is Lolita wig 287G. They shipped this promptly from the secondary warehouse. I received the parcel safely and quickly. This wig is 80cm long and heat resistant.

Lolita Wig 287G-UNIQSO

Here is the wig as I had taken it out. This wig is extremely thick and long. It did need some styling. I would advise using a detangler to keep this wig nice and neat as it is so long.

Here are some pictures of myself wearing this wig.

My Review:

Construction: This wig was constructed very well. The only complaint I have is that it is too thick. This can be very good for cosplay but may become inconvenient for regular wear.  

Accuracy: I received the wig in the picture.

Color: This wig has a beautiful mix of two purple fibers. It blends very well and is not obnoxious at all.

Comfort: I had few issues with this wig. It was not itchy or tight. It does slide back a bit since it is so heavy. I recommend pinning it while wearing it.

Quality: This wig is amazing quality. It is super bouncy and the fibers are not shiny. It does require some brushing but it is a very long wig. 

Overall: I love this wig!! It is going to be great for casual wear and maybe even a cosplay.

I highly recommend checking out Uniqso and purchasing a wig, whether it be for a cosplay or just regular use! I can't wait to try different styles with it. Thanks for reading!

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