Thursday, October 5, 2017

Uniqso GEO CK105/ Lolita Wig Review

Hello! Today I'm reviewing a pair of lenses and a wig sent to me by Uniqso. The lenses are GEO CK105 which retail at 19.90 USD. My package arrived quickly and safely to my house. I let the lenses soak for a full day before wearing them as usual.


Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: Within 12 months

Here are the lenses as I received them from the packaging!

Here are the lenses worn.


Comfort: 8/10; I cannot feel these lenses while wearing them. I did notice that they slide around my eye a bit when I put them in, but I had no other issues and I can wear them for a few hours without any irritation!

Color: 10/10; These lenses have no color but are a solid black. I think they do the job very well and are very dark with nothing showing through.

Design: 10/10; These lenses are perfect for a dolly look. The design blends right in to your natural iris.

Enlargement: 10/10; These lenses are very enlarging and bold. They really make your eyes stand out with the dark design.

Overall: 10/10; These lenses are excellent for cosplay or any makeup look. They aren't natural at all.

The wig:

Lolita Wig 807A-UNIQSO

The wig I received was Lolita wig 807A. This wig is heat resistant and retails at 32.90 USD. It arrived safely. Here is the wig with no styling. I did not take pictures of the packaging as the cardboard support had gotten squished and didn't look too good! The wig was fine and undamaged though.

I styled the wig by simply cutting the fringe to match my face length!


Construction: This wig was constructed very well. It is a little tight so I ended up just forgoing the wig clips on the inside!

Accuracy: I received the wig in the picture.

Color: This wig has a beautiful mix of purple, blonde, and grey fibers. It is a bit more lilac in person but still on the grey side. This is good for casual wear because it does not stand out too much!

Comfort: I had few issues with this wig. It was a little tight but nothing I couldn't work around.

Quality: This wig is amazing quality. It is just the right thickness and length. It has some fly-aways, but other than that it's fine! You can fix this with de-tangler.

Overall: I love this wig!! It is going to be great for casual wear.

Here are the wig and lenses together:

Please check out Uniqso! They are a great company and are always super helpful.

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