Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rolecosplay Tsuyu Review

Hello! Rolecosplay kindly sent me a cosplay and I'll be reviewing it today! The costume I was sent is Tsuyu Asui from Boku no Hero Academia! You can buy it here. The wig is here!

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The costume and wig took a little while to arrive, but it did all arrive safely so I didn't mind the wait. Here is everything as I received it!

Everything was in nice condition upon first inspection. Once I opened up the packaging, I found s lot of loose threads and most importantly, I discovered multiple stains on my cosplay. I'll include some images below. There were yellow stains along the button holes and a black stain on the sleeve. I may try and wash them out later!

 Here is the wig! It was in great condition. The clip did fall off of the ow during the shoot so that will need to be re-glued. The wig is soft and easy to brush. I ended up cutting it to a more accurate length for her. It was accurate to the stock photo aside from needing a lot of styling.

 Here's me wearing the cosplay! The sizing was very accurate and fit me perfectly.

I would give this cosplay a 7/10. Although it was a little bit dirty, it can be fixed. It fit well and the company was very helpful. The cosplay is also very accurate so I have no complaints there! Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures from my photoshoot! Please check out Rolecosplay for tons of current cosplays~

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