Tuesday, January 23, 2018

AURAHARA / Mari Shirako Uniqso Review

Hey everyone! Today I am writing a review for Uniqso on the Mari Shirako cosplay wig! It is 65 cm and heat resistant! The wig includes two pigtail clips and a base wig!

Cosplay Wig - AURAHARA / Mari Shirako-UNIQSO

The wig arrived with decent timing and it was packed very safely. Here are pictures of the wig as I received it.

The Wig is very soft and does not easily tangle.


Construction: This wig was constructed very well. This wig is easy to style and is made well.

Accuracy: I received the wig in the picture.

Color: This wig is a great alternative to harsh reds. It is more of a dusty-distilled reddish pink.

Comfort: I had no issues with this wig!

Quality: This wig is amazing quality. It is soft and does not tangle and it isn't shiny at all.

Overall: This is a great quality cosplay wig. it is quite eccentric for daily wear, but good for cosplay.

I highly recommend checking out Uniqso! they have thousands of products and are always very kind. Thank you for reading!

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