Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Uniqso Review- Premium Wig - Lace Front Cherry Red Wig (Cascading Curls)

Hey guys! Today I’m writing up a review on a really cool wig sent to me by Uniqso! Uniqso offers a huge variety of lenses, cosmetics, and wigs. I specifically chose this wig because the colors loooked amazing!~ I was so curious about how it would look.

Premium Wig - Lace Front Cherry Red Wig (Cascading Curls)
Premium Wig - Lace Front Cherry Red Wig (Cascading Curls)-UNIQSO

Processing Time 2 - 3 working days
Material 100% heat resistant fibre, handmade elaborate crocheted
Wig Color Green & Blonde
Wig Length 35cm
Style Short & curly
Type Lace front wig

This is the wig as I received it. The packaging is nothing out of the ordinary. I notice that the lace front wigs don't have the cardboard piece in the bag, but wigs are hard to damage anyways since it's just hair, right?^^ Everything was neat and safe. You can tell the wig itself has never been disturbed as the curls were aligned so perfectly~ Uniqso also sent me a pair of eyelashes in the style #5119. They're one of my favorite styles for a bold anime look.

I wore a nude wig cap with this wig to hide my darker roots. It may look strange if you do not create an artificial scalp.

I cut the lace close to the hair line before wearing the wig! I did notice that the lace can peek up a bit, so you may need to glue or tape it down during longer wear. I prefer not to as it always pulls my makeup off haha.

Here is my review for the wig;

Construction: This wig was constructed well! It looks extremely realistic and all of the interior is sewn with care.

Accuracy: I received the wig in the picture.

Color: This wig is very accurate to the picture and has such a bright and vivid color scheme. It blends perfectly.

Comfort: I didn't have any problems with this wig. It didn't slide or anything. The lace does peek up sometimes but it is not a big problem for me.

Quality: This wig is amazing quality. It is super bouncy and the fibers cascade down so evenly. The fibers aren't shiny at all.

Overall: I’m really pleased with this wig. the style is so fun and adventurous. It can easily just be thrown on when you're having a bad hair day. It's very vivid and unique, perfect excuse for a wig~

Please check out Uniqso! They offer so many products and I’m always impressed by the quality. I own a ton of wigs from there store and I'm never disappointed in the quality~

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